Patriotic Tag Book From Scraps And Die Cuts

One of my summer projects has been organizing my overflowing craft areas into one location. Yep, it's a pretty daunting task, but I feel like it's going to jumpstart my creativity and help me know exactly what I have on hand. So when I found a plastic bag with patriotic 6x6 papers and a whole stack of die cuts in it, I knew I wanted to make this cut tag book.

Once I laid them all out, I knew there were a few die cuts too small to be punched and added in, so those will be saved for next year. The rest are the perfect size for journaling, Scripture writing and prayers for our country on the back.

I picked out the largest die cut and trimmed the patterned paper just slightly bigger than that phrase card. Some of it was single-sided and some had patterns on the back, so I alternated them throughout the book so they would all be different.

Then I used the holes already in the die cuts to punch holes in everything else. One side of my punch is the perfect size to put a binder ring through. I wonder if I did that on purpose ,,, hmmm.

Alternating two die cuts and a piece of paper, I was able to use all the scraps and all the paper in some way or another.

The result is a sweet little tag book that is useful, cute and ready to be filled. What can you grab from your stash today and get creative with?


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