My "July And Fourth Of July" Planner Layouts

Can you believe we're halfway through the year already? I love the month of July, and not just because it's my birth month, but because we're starting the second half of the year off strong. 

For my July planner pages, I started off with some of my favorite washi tape and alternated them in three rows. That girl stepping out in her patriotic outfit just makes me smile, and I dotted the pages with all the smallest red, white and blue stickers I had.

Chances are you have some red, white and blue spread all through your sticker collection, so look for these embellishments in a variety of places. You'll find red in Christmas sets and blue and white in winter books.

Since we don't have work on Monday, I was able to use some larger embellishments at the top of the page and mirror them on the bottom of the next page. This kind of symmetry always looks cool when you're using them to book-end a planner spread.

And, again, you can spread all kinds of small embellishments across your pages. Especially in primary color sticker sets, you'll be able to pull out hearts, stars and maybe even some starbursts that will all go together beautifully.

Your planner challenge for the week is to find as many patriotic-themed embellishments that really aren't and use them for your spread. Get creative, be clever and have fun planning for the week ahead - happy Independence Day!


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