Sunday Sketch

Layers and originality - what a fun sketch!

(If there's ever been a question about my drawing ability, I think this sketch settles it. I had to laugh at it myself. Please understand that I'd rather cut and paste than draw any day.)

With this sketch, you'll round one corner and keep that throughout every single layer of the card. That's my favorite part of this whole project.

You'll also want to find a really great ribbon and some 3D embellishments to really make this card pop. Layers, layers and more layers are going to make this one a definite keepsake.

And a really pretty patterned paper will make a great focal point on that righthand side of the card.

For my card, I chose some lovely, coordinating blue patterns. That dragonfly paper jumped out at me first, and that blue ribbon was the only one even close to matching that I had in my collection.

I used a 1 1/4" punch to make a mat behind the phrase sticker and then accented it with three self-adhesive buttons.

It's fun to look at and it's even more fun to put together. It's a very finished-looking card, and you'll love personalizing it for that special someone.

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