Instant Gift In A Glass

Summer is the perfect time to stock up on these plastic, lidded cups. I was able to find several different kinds at the dollar store and other places for $5 and under.

Not only are they great for an iced coffee or afternoon lemonade, they can also serve double-duty as a very special gift.

Fill them up with several small items, tie it up with a ribbon and you've got a memorable present in its own packaging.

I'm thinking about these for gifts or door prizes at our ladies retreat this fall. Our theme is being a princess, a child of the King, so we're already starting to stock up. I found these precious key chains, and we're looking for pampering things like manicure sets and bath scrubbies. All of these can tuck into the glasses and be sealed up tight.

Maybe you have a birthday or other summer event that you need a small gift for - with these glasses, you can tailor the bits inside to a specific person.

Think about:
* Father's Day
* Weddings
* Summer birthdays
* Bridal showers
* Baby showers
* Fourth of July
* Picnics

A handful of meaningful surprises, a plastic glass and a ribbon to tie a gift card on. All of that and you've made a special, one-of-a-kind gift for someone you love.


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