Priority Is Singular

The pizza place focuses on pizza. The ice cream shop serves up ice cream. The car lot sells cars. They each have a central theme that keeps them in business and makes them successful.

Businesses that don't have a focus usually don't last very long. If a shipping company suddenly decides they're also going to manufacture toothpaste, chances are they won't survive. They've put their stock in too many places and can't excel at what they originally wanted to do.

I've read several places lately that it wasn't until last century that people started using "priorities" instead of "priority." The word originally meant that thing which had greatest importance. It was the person or thing that was most important.

So, if using that definition, how can you have "priorities" in your life? Most important, using proper semantics, means one thing. One most important, not several.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. Ecclesiastes 12:13

I love the straight-to-the-heart words of this verse: conclusion of the whole matter. There's no reason to debate or make excuses. The one and only priority in life is right here: fear God and keep His commandments. That's it. No more. Nothing else will do.

This is our whole duty. Yes, we have families and responsibilities, but we only have one priority. Our priority is the Lord. The way we live, the way we serve our families, the way we work and the way we interact with other people all fall under this priority. They're not all separate little "priorities." Our Scripture from Ecclesiastes settled that for us.

So the next time you're overwhelmed, confused or too busy to put it into words, make sure that your priority is still singular. That's the conclusion we've come to and that's our whole duty. Fear God and keep His commandments.

Is He your priority today?


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