My Not-So-Little Green Plant

 I love spring. I love everything turning green again and all the plants coming back to life. It's an exciting time to be in Iowa - soon the farmers will start planting and see God's miracle of the soil one more time.

 In a small way, I've been seeing this miracle myself through the plant on my window sill. I bought four small plants when we first moved here a year and a half ago, and this is the only one that survived. Yes, it is entirely my fault.

But it has grown and thrived regardless of what I've done or not done. It's been an amazing plant, reaching toward the window to soak up more sunshine.

And now, this spring, it has finally bloomed! I never realized that it wasn't just a green plant. How wonderful the miracles of all God's creation. And how wonderful to enjoy these tiny white flowers every day.


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