10 Things To Do Before Bed

Normally we think about organization as something you spend a lot of time - during the day - doing just to keep up. You tackle a closet, conquer the filing or take everything out of the kitchen and put it all back in.

In all honesty, though, I just like getting up in the morning to a clean, organized house. It really bugs me to find a sink full of dishes I should have put in the dish washer last night. Or puppy toys trailed all the way down the hall. Or craft supplies all over the table.

A clear space clears my head space, which is a must, right?

What if organizing was a simple as 10 little things you do every night before bed?

1. Put together lunches and snacks for the next day.
2. Make sure all of the dishes are out of the sink.
3. Clear off the kitchen counters.
4. Gather everything you need for tomorrow's errands. (Books to return, bills to mail, checkbook)
5. Put toys (child or pet) all in one place.
6. Pull out your Bible study materials for the next day's reading.
7. Put away the supplies from your various projects so you have a clean space for morning.
8. Lay out the next day's clothes, shoes and jewelry.
9. Wipe off the bathroom sink.

You'll notice I said 10 things to do before bed, but I only wrote down nine. What is the one most important thing you'd like to have done or organized before you go to bed at night? Add it to the list!


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