Congratulations! It's A Boy!

 This is Barn Kitty. Kitty has grown abundantly over the winter months. You'll see the difference immediately if you remember my first post about our being adopted by this stray.

Last week, Kitty was very sick. Usually there are pitiful mews coming from the deck at all hours of the day and night. When it was silent for several hours, I went to investigate.

Kitty was down under the deck and took quite a bit of convincing to come out. This let me know that something was wrong.
I called Danny out and just held Kitty on my lap for a while. This is very rare because I am incredibly allergic to cats. But you can't help it when something so little looks so pitiful.

Danny came over and put his hand on Kitty's chest to see if the heartbeat was unusual. It wasn't, but his next comment blew me out of the water.

"You realize your cat's a boy, right?" We've been saying "her" from the beginning. I don't normally flip over strange cats before I introduce myself. And not being able to get close because of my allergies has kept us a little distant. So I just assumed.

So now, out sweet boy cat is all better and back to mewing, stalking and pouncing. He brought me a mouse the other day, perhaps to say thank you. I let him keep it.


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