What's In Your Closet?

Organization is a huge building block that I'm working on right now. And I'm doing it one closet at a time.

Every week, I get to write an article for the paper's real estate page. I tour a local home that's up for sale and write about all of its wonderful features. I adore this because I get to see the insides of houses I pass by every day.

It may be a little telling, but I love to peek into the closets of some of the fancier homes I tour. And would you believe - they all look the same? We all have stuff to hide away out of sight, and everyone has closets where we tuck it all away.


I won't deny that I'm ashamed of this picture. When we moved over a year ago, this closet received all the "stuff" that I knew should be in the entryway. However, you can tell it wasn't done in a very gentle, loving, organized manner.

Do you have any closets that look like this?

This is my favorite part of the closet-cleaning-out process. This is the stage that comes right after clearing everything out and piling it up in the living room. Sorting comes next, but for right now, let's just look at the calm setting of complete and total nothingness.

And we're done looking. Now the inside gets cleaned and swept. Then comes a little sorting, returning things to where they truly belong and reorganizing what's going to go back in.

Now there is a bag on a hanger that holds all of that cold-weather gear that was originally on the shelf. There's even room for some things that needed to be in here but didn't fit. Interesting concept.

And the whole process took just over 20 minutes. True, this was a fairly simple project compared to some of the other closets in the house, but finishing this one gives me motivation to do another one.


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