Five Hobbies In One Day

I was blessed beyond measure on Saturday. I was able to spend the entire day enjoying my favorite hobbies. Normally I'm lucky to do a little of one for a little while. This weekend I was able to take on five!

I spent the entire morning in my craft room! It's one of my favorite places to be - doing paper crafting and getting some things ready to put in our Etsy shop. Check it out this week - it will make you feel like Spring has sprung!

And the Danny and I had date night. It was the most wonderful evening, and it began with sushi. I adore sushi more than any other food on this planet. It was the first time in more than a year that I'd had any, and I was happy to drive to Fairfield to get it. 

Next was a trip around the corner for coffee and sweets - two more hobbies that I love. And I was perfectly alright with someone else making them for the evening. It's a treat to be treated.

Then I relearned how much I love live concerts. We went to the Sondheim Center for the Dallas Brass performance and it was phenomenal! I've been listening to their CDs ever since. 

So five of my favorite hobbies - paper crafts, sushi, coffee, sweets and music - all in one day! 
Now that's what I call a fabulous time. And the icing on the proverbial cake was being able to share it all with Danny. A perfectly perfect day.


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