A Cozy Desk Space

Whether you have an office at work, a cubicle or just a computer desk at home, it gets cluttered. This is my desk at work. If I don't have it neat and tidy every day, I literally go insane. My productivity crashes and I'm lost in a sea of paper. Yes, that's a newspaper joke.

A newspaper office is not generally known for its tidiness. If I was to turn in any direction, you would see my point. However, I absolutely cannot live like that.

If tidiness on your own desk matters, keep reading. If you already have a clean desk, keep reading just do see what I do. If your desk is messy and you don't care ... please keep reading. Maybe you'll get inspired.

Instead of having stacking shelves on my desk, I have one magazine file. In it are my current interview notes, projects that are coming up and a week's worth of back issues of the paper. I also put the day's dummy sheets in there at the end of each day. (No, I didn't call anyone a dummy. It just means the diagram that shows us where the ads are on the page and how much space we have to fill with copy.)

Danny got me a desk organizer for Christmas last year, so it's fully stocked with anything I might need during the day - pens, pencils, sticky notes, paper clips and highlighters. Plus there are a couple of fun pens and pencils that just make me happy when I use them. That's why there's a monkey and a cupcake in there. Smile! It's a work day!

And best of all, there's a picture of me with the love of my life. When ever I get burdened down with work, I just look at that smile and I'm ready to keep going. Just knowing we'll be reunited at the end of the day makes the time fly by.

All of my old interview notes, dummy sheets I need to keep and contact info are all kept behind me in this black filing cabinet. Paper is my nemesis, so I keep up with it every day. Otherwise I'd look like Dorothy's house after the tornado. Not a cozy work space, if you know what I mean.

That's the organizer in me - I work best this way. It may not work for you, or it might be just what you need. Productivity is the name of the game.

What does your desk space look like? What do you want it to look like? Would you like a professional organizer to come help you dig out from underneath your desk? Or maybe a bulldozer would be more helpful? There is hope! Start at one side, do a little bit every day and find a system that works for you. There's no secret, just a little work.

Work at work? What a concept!


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