A Friendship Care Package

I'm putting together a special care package. There's a friend that I have been remiss in staying in contact with, and I'm pretty sure she thinks I've fallen off the face of the earth. That's unacceptable, I'm thinking.

So I've been working on a collection of things that will catch her up on what's been happening around here. When they're done, they'll all be tucked in an envelope and SWAK!

So far I've got:

* A handmade card in which I beg forgiveness for being a lazy friend.
* A long, typed letter that chronicles what's happened in my life since we last talked. Did I mention that it's a long letter? It's long.
* A recent picture of Danny and me.
* A bookmark I made with a favorite Bible verse.
* A handmade magnet that she can put in a special place.
* A Scripture study book that I think she'll love.
* All of my business cards, just so she'll always be able to get in touch with me.

Lord willing, it will be on its way the first of the week.

What other special touches can you think of that would complete this friendship care package?


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