Shadow Box Picture Frame

Did you realize that in the 10 seconds it takes to remove the glass from a dollar-store picture frame, you can have an elegant shadow box?

Taking the glass out creates endless possibilities for what you can use for embellishments. I've been wanting to use these larger chipboard stickers for ages, but they are a little chunky for my scrapbook pages. They also don't lend themselves well to cardmaking because they're heavy and bulky in the envelope. So they've been sitting in a drawer, waiting patiently.

This shadow box was the perfect way to use some thicker embellishments and create a 3D look that you can't get from regular stickers. You can even branch out and use memorabilia like award ribbons, graduation tassels or tokens. Because the glass is gone, you don't have to worry about things getting squished or ripped being put into the frame.

The possibilities for this shadow box are endless. This about it: wedding displays, bridal and baby showers, graduation parties, birthdays, church and family events. Each one will only cost a couple of dollars, and you'll have a bunch of glass leftover ... for something. And you'll have a lovely display piece that you can keep for years to come.


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