Puppies Love Autumn, Too!

Fall is a beautiful time in Iowa - and I'm not the only one who thinks so.

During our incredibly long, hot, dry spell this summer, everyone (man and dog alike) was cooped up inside. Now that it's autumn, we're all able to spend more time outside.

This is especially wonderful for the girls, because we were starting to have a little too much energy. They're both 10 years old now, so they can't run all out like they used to. But they still love to track things and follow whatever they find through woods.

The fall colors make it even more wonderful to spend a morning out with the puppies. We didn't get here until the tail-end of autumn last year, so we never saw the property afire with yellows and reds like it is right now. I'm happy to walk just about anywhere if it's this pretty.

Bailey likes to use every single one of her senses when she's out for a walk. She can finally investigate all those sounds she hears from the house. Her nose leads her all over the place, smelling who-know-what and following it in and out of the trees. Her eyesight isn't the greatest, but she'll see something move and think it's absolutely necessary that we go check it out.

Even when it's time to head back to the house, they're still in the lead, getting in a few more sniffs and runs in before we're all done for the day. Fall is a great time to be a puppy!


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