A Handmade Fall Card

The night times have been so cool this past week that it must be true - fall is in the air!

With the autumn season in mind, a beautiful card like is sure to brighten someone special's day.

If you don't have the words you want in letter stickers or in stamps, you can always make your own on the computer. It's very quick and simple - it only takes a couple of minutes and one piece of paper.

1. In your word processing program, type out the words you want. Format them in a fun and interesting way.

2. Print it out on a piece of white paper. Without cutting it, measure the phrase against your card and see if it lays out the way you'd like. If not, play with it a little on the computer and print it out again.

3. Choose the paper you'd like to print on - something that coordinates and looks better than plain white. Tape it at the very corners and tack it down on top of the words you printed on the white piece of paper.

4. Run the white paper, with the decorator paper taped to it, back through the printer. Print the document again, and this time it will print in the exact same spot but on the decorator paper this time.

This is the easiest way to center phrase the way you want, have it printed on smaller scraps of decorator paper and manipulate it to fit your card.

This card, plus many other cards and paper crafts, can be found in our etsy shop: www.stufffromtrees.etsy.com


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