A Weekend of Observation

I wasn't even paying attention.

I know that sounds terrible, but I was busy juggling three different projects and it wasn't going well. The girls were out of sight and I was bustling around in the back of the house.

And then I heard it. The scariest growling I've ever heard in my life. However, I happen to hear that growl on a daily basis - from my Bailey dog.

So into the kitchen I ran to see what she had discovered. She was standing in the dining room looking out the bay window, growling like there was a masked intruder about to take off with me.

But it wasn't an intruder, just half a dozen deer on the lawn. They were making their way up the driveway and over the yard to the woods. Without so much as a "How do you do" they were eating breakfast as they went...whatever they could find in the grass.

The three of us sat at the window for almost half an hour, just watching the deer eat, look around and perk their ears up at little sounds. It was such a beautiful, peaceful moment. One that I would have missed if Bailey hadn't been so observant.

What blessings from God Himself have we missed out on because we're too busy to be observant? I often wonder if our rushing diverts our attention from the still small voice that shows us the joy, peace and love of God.

Make this a weekend of observation. Shut everything else off and just observe your surroundings: the people, objects, places and things that make up the world around you. You might be surprised by what God has placed there, just for you.


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