A Valentine's Gift Box

As unbelievable as it is, there are only three weeks left until Valentine's Day. That's plenty of time, though, to put together a lovely, handmade gift for that special someone.

For example, this gift box was made completely with dollar store finds and scraps from other projects. But the recipient will never know because it's a precious presentation piece for your other gifts.

You'll need:
* Chinese take-away box, or other gift box
* decorator paper
* coordinating card stock
* piece of ribbon
* letter stickers

I found these Chinese take-away boxes at the dollar store in packages of 4. So now I have them in both gold and silver. You can start by looking in the holiday section and then check in the party goods aisle.

1. Cut a piece of card stock to fit one panel of the box. You can do both sides if you like and have enough paper.

2. Mat the decorator paper inside the card stock square.

3. Use your sticker letters to spell out your message. Be as simple or elaborate as you'd like.

4. Attach the square to the side of the box.

5. Tie a short piece of ribbon to the handle of the box. Cut the ends to a point.

And now you've got a beautiful little gift box for your Valentine. You can fill it with other dollar store finds, too. Use tissue paper or basket fill for the packaging. Top it with candy, erasers, candles, notepad and pens, small toys, new MP3 headphones or any other treasures you might stumble upon. Just make it personal and from the heart.


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