So, What Is Eating Healthy?

The focus everywhere right now, thanks to New Year's resolutions, is living healthy. People promise themselves that they'll eat better, exercise more and live as healthy as they can.

But what does that really mean? When it comes to food, we get bombarded with hundreds of different diets, meal plans and fads that don't last very long. How do you sort through it all and find what's truly healthy?

Let's break healthy eating down to a few really, really simple ideas.

1. Portion control. When I go to a church fellowship, I sample everything on the dessert table. (Yes, I love sweets.) But I don't get whole pieces or large spoonfuls of each treat. I limit myself to one or two bites of each one. Then I get a sampling and don't walk out feeling like my skirt is a tent. Enjoy the food you like, but cut down how much you have at a time.

2. Walk the edges of the grocery store. I've heard this several times lately and I think it's a great idea. Limit your grocery shopping to the produce, meat and dairy departments, doing little shopping from the inner aisles. The fresh foods from the outside edges of the store are much more beneficial to your body than the processed, man-made foods in the middle.

3. Self-control. I've used this word with several people lately and they've all said the same thing. Yeah...that's a problem. I don't know why this lovely fruit of the Spirit is so difficult, but it's one that has to be tamed to eat healthy. If you're prayed up about controlling your mind and your cravings, you can accomplish anything - through Christ which strengtheneth you!

4. Common sense. Fast food every day or a cozy, home-cooked meal? Half a dozen cans of soda or one can and two bottles of water? Greasy pizza or a steak salad? We know the answers, or at least we should by now. The turning point in eating healthy comes when we use the common sense God gave us and make wise decisions.


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