An Interactive Valentine

So, enough of the simple for the moment. As much as I thrive on finding simple, fun ways to put craft projects together, sometimes we need to expand and do something with a few more steps. 

This gorgeous interactive Valentine's Day card is the perfect way to do just that. What looks like a lovely heart-covered card...

...contains a hidden message of love and devotion. How sweet!

Start by making a cover for your card, slightly smaller so you'll have a pretty white border. DO NOT attach this piece to the card itself. Decorate it as you wish.

Stamp the large heart, cut it out and then cut it in two. How destructive we must be in our creative pursuits!

Make a short saying to be hidden inside the heart. You can stamp something, print something or use a transparency like I did here. Trim it as close to the words as you can. Then cut a slit just above the heart-half that is slightly larger than the width of the message.

Mount the phrase on a piece of card stock, then eyeball a long letter T around it. These little tabs will keep the phrase from coming completely out of the heart.

Use two pieces of 3D adhesive to catch the tabs at the exact point where (on the flip side) you can read the entire message. If it's not in the right ending place, the motion won't stay hidden behind the decorator paper.

Attach the cover to the card with several more pieces of 3D adhesive. This will allow the motion of the message to remain hidden. Then flip the card over and attach the top of the heart to the end of the message. Trim off any card stock that sticks out.

It's adorable, it's interchangeable with design possibilities and it's perfect for a one-of-a-kind valentine. Have fun! This one's a keeper!


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