Cherish God's Gifts

Yesterday was our very special sixth anniversary. We chose New Year's Day for two reasons: so we'll never, ever forget the date, and so the whole world can celebrate with us.

This year for my anniversary/Christmas/Valentine's Day/every-other-holiday-for-the-coming-year present, my husband did the very sweetest thing. I saw this painting at the local Christian book store and fell wildly in love with it. I had been looking for something very particular to go on this wall space in our dining room. You can see this wall from the driveway, so the first thing you would see as you pulled up to our house is the artwork we chose for this special wall.

The colors were perfect, the flowers were exquisite and the writing spoke to my heart.
And it was gone.
When we went back to buy it, it wasn't there. Someone else in our area has this beautiful painting hanging on their wall. A little disappointed, we left to shop another day for something else.
Little did I know that thoughts were already circulating in my husband's head. (No jokes are allowed to be inserted in this space.) He went back to the store without me and asked about this painting. They didn't have any more, but their sister store an hour away did.
So my wonderful husband took me out to supper that night, sent me back to work and drove that hour to quietly buy me this reminder of God's gifts. He was willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to place the love of the Lord in front of my eyes every day. All secretiveness aside, it is one of the most loving acts I have ever received.
Now I have not only the beautiful painting that touches my spirit every time I see it, but I have the special memory of the loving husband who wants to surround me with God's Word.
Happy anniversary, Sweetheart. I love you.


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