Happiest Dog In The World

I just had to share our "Happiest Dog In The World" moment with you. Isn't Bailey beautiful?

She is my runner. If you let her out without a leash on she will run...and run...and run...until she literally can't run anymore. On several occasions when we were living in the city, she would escape from the house and travel the neighborhood for ages. She's very fast and she loves to stretch her legs.

But now we have acres and acres of our own land for her to run on. We just hadn't let her yet. Basically I was afraid that if I let her go, she'd end up out on the highway or through the fence onto someone else's land.

But two days after Christmas was Bailey's birthday. To celebrate, she got to run. I let her off the leash and walked out out the door with her sister firmly in tow. (Little Miss Hip Displaysia doesn't get to run full out anymore.)

Bailey looked at me, looked at the ridge in the distance, looked at me again...and smelled her freedom.

There is nothing more beautiful than a dog running through the woods. She found the trail that leads over the ridge and then found another trail. That one winds around to another trail. And another one. By the time Sadie and I caught up, she was at full gallop.

I have never seen a happier dog than this one. She was trailing the deer and turkeys that she only gets to see from the window. She was looking and sniffing and listening the way a dog is supposed to. It's a glorious sight.

And she actually came back to me every time I called her. This is a first in her entire 10 years of life, so that was her birthday present to me. When she was finally winded, I put her leash back on and we headed for the house. This picture is the result of more than half an hour of running her tensions out.

You can't ask for a better birthday present than that. And guess what we'll be doing again today?


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