A Weekend Of Finding Focus

Yep, this is what the two garages still look like. Moving is hard work, but we're making some steady progress in getting settled. A few boxes a day and we'll be done before you know it!

Know anyone who needs cardboard boxes?

The whole process of setting up a home can be daunting. Just the unpacking alone seems endless, let alone finding a home for everything, keep things clean and still finding time to eat and sleep. Maybe less of those last two than anything else...

When you're feeling overwhelmed, you quickly lose your focus. You're unpacking boxes and decide to take some things to another room. While you're in there you think of additions to your shopping list. So you leave that room and go look for your list...but where did you put it? Oh, and that trash needs taken out, the phone company needs to be called and you still need to go check the mail.

Where did your focus go? And what did you actually accomplish in the last hour?

Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

When we're focused on God and His priorities for our life, all those things - the boxes, the phone, the kids, the husband, the house, the job - they are all taken care of. When the Lord is clearly in focus in our easily distracted minds, He provides the rest.

And hopefully the rest includes a nap!

Make this a weekend of finding the focus that really counts - Jesus Christ.


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