Home Is Where God Is

We are still not in our house.

Through postponements and questions and paperwork and heartbreaks, we are still living in a hotel. There is joy in someone to clean up after you, but there is still longing for home. There are simple pleasures in someone else's roof over your head each night, but there are desires for a place and a purpose.

You take those blessings for granted until you're uprooted. Normal has been exchanged for new adventures, familiar faces traded for people you've never met. Suddenly you are out of your routine, unsettled and aching to have that normal life back. It will be different, the house will be different, but life will seem stable and permanent again, if you were just in that house.

But home isn't about a house. Yes, we will move into our house in just a few more days, but I'm still home. Not because we're back in my hometown or because this is where my family is. I'm home because I'm in the presence of the Lord.

Abide in me, and I in you... John 15:4

With the Savior of the world living in my heart, I am always home. The place doesn't matter, the building doesn't matter and the feelings of my heart don't matter. Jesus Christ chose to take up residence in my undeserving heart, so I am home.

Instead of our lovely new home in the country, I could be living in a cardboard box. The Lord is still abiding in me. I could be bedding down in a shelter, a mansion or a cottage. It could be new, old, fancy or simple, and my home is still permanent in Jesus Christ. No matter where I go or where I find myself tomorrow, I'll always be home.

When the flesh wants to fight back, to be angry and disappointed, the Lord living inside me says, Abide. It's all about resting in Him and submitting to His timing. Home will never be out of reach when I'm abiding in His marvelous grace.

Are you home?


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