In The Midst Of An Evening

The Internet installer didn't show up until the next day, leaving me waiting without word.

The telephone company had to send a repairman out, too, which meant a couple more days without communication.

I know my shoes are in a box...somewhere.

We still have to register the cars, get new driver's licenses and get all of our insurance worked out. For every one thing I check off the to-do list, it seems like four more get added.

And they all seem like inconveniences. No, I never assumed I'd walk right into our new house and our new life in Iowa would just begin without incident. But while working odd hours at the newspaper and trying to get the house turned into a home, anything extra just makes me sigh.

And then God does something miraculous. In the middle of another evening of unpacking, breaking down boxes and cleaning the driveway, He paints the sky with the most beautiful array of colors. The mundane is instantly replaced with awe and joy because of a simple blessing from the Lord.

Ye are blessed of the LORD which made heaven and earth. Psalm 115:15

Our lives are filled with human inconveniences, but they are completely outweighed by the glory of the Lord! The day may hold some complications and a hiccup or two, but their memories are washed clean away when God opens our eyes to His creation.


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