Just Trying To Beat The Heat

With temperatures in the upper 90s to even 100 this week, the girls have become very indoor dogs. We've been going for our morning walk and then spending just a few minutes in the back yard several times a day.

But that gets old after a while. So one day I hooked up our brand new garden hose to the sprinkler and put the girls out back. They're both mostly black lab, and what lab doesn't like water?

Mine apparently. Bailey is the first dog in the water if we're at the lake or walking by rain puddles. But this sprinkler totally threw her for a loop. My plan was for the girls to run and jump and play in the water. But what you see is what you get - Bailey stood there getting hit in the face repeatedly as the water spun around.

And you'll notice that Sadie is nowhere to be found in these pictures. She wanted nothing to do with this sprinkler, even with heat and humidity hanging in the air. Instead, she went to lay in the shade and chew on a stick.

Water dogs, my foot!


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