Buried In The Weeds

The yard looked beautiful from a distance - full, lush and a deep green. The grass seemed to be resisting the intense heat of the summer.

Upon closer inspection, most of it wasn't grass at all. A fluffy weed had traveled across the yard, leaving an expanse of leaves and green in its wake. The more it wandered from its original planting spot, the thicker it became.

And nestled in among the tangle of weeds was a single, dark red berry. It wasn't just any weed spreading over the property, but wild strawberries! In the middle of this lush, winding weed was a small touch of sweetness.

I probably would have overlooked this beautiful little fruit if I hadn't been working right alongside it. But it was so tiny and so perfect that it caught my attention. It looked like it was thriving among the healthy plant it was surrounded by.

Imagine your heart as that yard of weeds. From the outside, from a distance, it may look wonderful and full. It's the right color, the right texture and the right amount of growth. But when you get closer, you'll start to see the imperfections, the rebellion and the weeds that you've allowed to grow in the heart God cleansed just for you.

But before you get too disappointed in yourself, look closely. There's that one perfect little fruit poking out of the weeds. There is hope in that berry because it means life and growth, even when other plants try to crowd it out.

In your heart, that hope is the love of Christ. Even when we're clogged up with weeds and creeping vines, His love will remain firmly planted for all eternity. It's our joy and our responsibility to do some weeding and clear out the space around our heart. Then that little hope can grow into a bright beacon for everyone to see.

So...how does your grass grow?


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