Fourth Of July Treats

Sometimes you just have to make something completely fun and totally themed. I made these adorable little Rice Krispie Treat bites for our 4th of July fellowship at church. It doesn't get much cuter than that!

3 Tbsp butter
4 cups miniature marshmallows
6 cups Rice Krispies
1 pound candy coating
Sprinkles and other themed decorations

1. Make Rice Krispie Treats according to the manufacturer's recipe. But instead of using a 9x13 inch pan, use a 9x7 inch pan. This will make them a little taller. Cool completely.

2. Cut the huge Rice Krispie Treat into 24 squares. Make sure the bottoms are all flat and can stand on their own.

3. Melt the candy coating as directed. Dip the top half of each treat in the chocolate, allowing a little to trickle down the sides. Immediately sprinkle with toppings.

4. As finished, place them on the serving tray or in the carrying container you'll be using. Don't move them anymore than you have to. Then place in the refrigerator until the chocolate is solid.

5. Before you serve them, tuck in your themed decorations.

Imagine these decorated in pastels for a baby shower. Or in red and green for Christmas. Or with little flowers for Spring. Or candy sprinkle leaves for Fall. Pick a season or event and you can personalize these in a heartbeat.


  1. They look real good, my kids loved them, any way and all the time, thanks for the recipe, it brought back some good memories

  2. Apparently this is the case for many people - I only brought a handful home that night! Have a great day in the Lord, Barbara!


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