Detox Your Kitchen - The Wrap Up

For the past two days we've walked through a kitchen detox behind closed doors - cabinet doors, refrigerator door and pantry doors. In this final step we'll cover the aesthetics and all the surface detox to make your kitchen both safe and pretty.

* Clear everything off the counters and walls. Set up a small table to hold all of it, or put it in another room temporarily.

* Wash all towels, dishcloths and window treatments. They just gather dust and oils from your cooking.

* Start at the ceiling and work your way down. Use your vacuum cleaner attachment to remove all cobwebs and dust from the corners and walls. If there are areas of wallpaper or paint that need touch-ups, take care of them now.

* Wash the windows and window sills. Open them up and get rid of all the outside grime that may have come in through the screen.

And let ours also learn to maintain good works for necessary uses, that they be not unfruitful. Titus 3:14

* Time for the counters - use the best, most disinfecting cleaner you can find. With them cleared off you can get in all the corners and into the grout if you have tiles. Make sure to include the back splash and down the fronts of the tile.

* Use the appropriate cleaners to tackle the stove top. Take out the burners, then remove and soak the drip pans. If the top of the stove lifts up, wipe out all of the drippings and stains under there. There are great, special cleaners for glass top stoves, so use those, not any other kind of cleaners or scratchers. Run the cleaner function on the oven and make sure all of the knobs and dials are clean.

* Here it comes - clean out the microwave. Hot, soapy water works best. Heat a cup of water for two minutes before you begin, as the steam will loosen the gunk. From here on out, cover your dishes when heating them so you'll prevent some of the splatter.

* Clean and return a few of those things you took off the counters. As a general rule you only want one or two things out on each counter space - it's less cluttered and more appealing to the eye. Keep out only those few things that you need immediate access to every day, like the coffee pot, coffee bean grinder and bread box. From there, narrow it down to those favorite pretties that make your house into a home.

* We've worked our way down to the floor. Check back a few days for a refresher course if you need it, then sweep, clean and mop.

* And finally, clean your sink until it sparkles. This is your reward for all that hard work. It may not seem like much now, but it will when you reach that step, trust me!

* Then step back and take a look at your organized, clean, pretty, safe kitchen! Enjoy!


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