Detox Your Bathroom

This is my least favorite topic ever, so we're going to get it out of the way early in this process. The bathroom isn't a difficult room to tackle, or the largest one by any means, but one that requires cleanliness and diligence.

Begin your bathroom detox by clearing everything out of the room - start with empty counters, empty cabinets and no shower curtain. "Stuff" will just get in your way. We'll sort and clean it all at the end of the day.

Next you'll want to spray a leave-on cleaner in your shower. Use one that is a deep-cleaner and one that is specific for whatever tile product you have. (No, they're not all the same.) Let the cleaner sit and do its work while you go on to the next step. Set a timer if it requires a certain length of time to really work. Remember that the product should be doing all the hard work, not you.

Also read the label on the toilet cleaner bottle - if you need to leave it on for a period of time, apply it now, too. Pick up all of the towels and rugs and throw them in the laundry. They should be about done by the time you finish this whole process.

While that's going to work on your shower, start at the ceiling and clean your way down. (Are you noticing a theme in every room?) Sweep out cobwebs, patch peeling wall paper and clean all of the light fixtures. Wipe down the walls right before you move on to the counters.

Using one of those great bathroom cleaners they have out now, spray and wipe down all counters and other porcelain surfaces. You'll probably be surprised at how much hairspray and dog hair can get built up in all the nooks and crannies. This is the time to de-grime all those hard surfaces and make them sparkle!

When the dinger dings, wipe off or spray down the shower according to the package directions. Do the same for the toilet. Having the proper tools and products on hand will make these two steps practically effortless, so spend a few minutes in the store reading labels.

Once everything is pretty and clean again, start sorting all of those health and beauty products you took out of the cabinets. Read the expiration dates and get rid of anything past its prime. This might be half your collection, but that's way better than saving product that won't benefit you in any way. If you don't use it or haven't used it, send it on its way.

Have a little fun here and come up with a new organizing system. Try baskets under the sink or some really great new make up bags. Find a way to keep the bathroom cleaner and more organized so this detox job won't take so long next time. Once you figure out what you'd like to do, load back in the few (hopefully) things you're going to keep.

And finally, the floors. We talked about proper floor etiquette earlier in the week, so go back and take a refresher course. Get all the dirt, grime, hair and water off the floor and you can actually protect your flooring from deteriorating. Plus they'll probably look like new with a little elbow grease! Before you walk out the door, rehang the shower curtain and you're all set.

Now that all of the work is done, put a little creativity into it. Put up some new pictures or get some new, pretty towels. Changing the wall color can give you a fantastic new outlook, but so can changing the color of your shower curtain. Have fun with this much-needed, not-so-much-fun-to-clean room.


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