Detox Your Air

We're all snug in our homes during these cold winter months. Even here in the south we're bundled in front of the fire for a warm evening indoors.

But being tucked inside a closed-up house for weeks at a time has its effect on your home's air. Contaminants build up and air toxins can cause serious health issues. If someone in your home already has asthma or allergies, they will intensify without an air detoxification.

Go through your home looking for some of the major culprits of bad indoor air.

* Make sure all of the gas appliances are properly installed and vented correctly. This will prevent gas fumes from seeping out into the home.

* Pet hair and dander can fill the air, affecting even those who don't suffer from allergies. Groom and bathe pets as recommended by the vet, keeping fur under control. Also clean furniture, rugs, carpet and hard surfaces frequently.

* Be on the lookout for mold in the bathroom and kitchen. Take preventative measures like installing ventilation fans and keeping susceptible areas dry.

* Clean your fan blades and vent grates regularly. Otherwise you will be recirculating air-borne toxins back into the room.

* Run a dehumidifier during damp weather. This will help prevent mold and keep the room at the proper humidity level.

* Install radon test kits and carbon monoxide detectors. You may have no idea what's in your air until you do.
Once you take care of a few little things around the house, you can breath free knowing your air is safe and healthy.


  1. Laura, we came through your area a few weeks ago, and I missed you in church on a snowy Sunday night! Lord willing, we'll be coming through your area again toward spring...maybe we can connect then.

    I always enjoy checking into your blog. The Lord has used it to encourage me several times.

    Keep writing for Him!

  2. The one night that Danny and I were both sick, I would imagine! I'm so disappointed that we missed each other! Let me know that date in the spring and I'll make sure we're totally healthy that day.

    Praise the Lord for giving me words that will encourage and uplift you. He is so good, all the time, and I pray He'll continue to use all of us to His glory!

    Have a fantastic day in the Lord!


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