A Valentine With A Special Gift

There's nothing more boring than a store-bought card with a single heart on the front. That's what you'll see everywhere when you browse the greeting card aisle of your local store. Plus, you'll fork over an arm and a leg for that one little card - unfathomable!

Instead, use some of your paper scraps and couple of extra ingredients to make a one-of-a-kind card/gift/smile-maker.

1. Make a card out of white cardstock. Cover the entire card with a light-colored, patterned paper. Using a darker colored ink, random stamp a heart design over the entire piece of paper.

2. Cut two panels of coordinating paper, one for a background and one to attach your wire. For this example I cut the black patterned paper to fit on the left side of the card, then a piece of white cardstock to fit inside that. Then I random stamped the hearts and colored them with a stipple brush.

3. Poke two small holes very close together in the center of the top panel. These are for the wire that will hold your gift in place. Thread a piece of craft wire through the holes, leaving them long in the front to tie and curl.

4. Choose your gift - a pencil, pen, lollipop or other stick candy - and tie it onto the paper. Use a strong scrapbooking adhesive to attach the panel to the card. Stamp your phrase and adhere it to finish the card.


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