Let It Snow!!!

The practically unthinkable happened in South Carolina last night - and the girls loved it!

We ended up with several inches of wet, packed snow, something the girls hadn't seen since before we moved to this state.

Bailey tore all over the yard, and Sadie just trailed behind, barking her encouragement. They'd stop and shake their paws, and then keep right on running.

And apparently it was all the dogs in the neighborhood could talk about, because everyone was yipping or woofing at the top of their little puppy lungs.

When they came back in they had all sorts of white speckles all over their black fur. I suppose it had been quite a while since the last time they'd been snowy, so Bailey immediately ran to the living room. (As a rule they will automatically wait by the door until they get dried off.) From the next room I could hear her shaking the snow off, and I just wondered what piece of furniture was now soaked.

The one downside to this beautiful weather is cleaning up water from the mud room floor after every trip outside, but it's worth it to watch them play in the new-fallen snow. (I'm just glad they're black so I don't lose them! The chihuahua next door sort of blends in.)

Well, they're ready to go back outside! I'll go get the towels ready. Silly girls.


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