A Day In The Life

We have pretty scheduled days around here. We don't always plan it that way, but the girls and I are pretty structured. Throw something new and different into the mix and we're thrown out of our frame a little. On any given day you'll find us doing many of the same things.

4:45 We all wake up to exercise. Or perhaps I should say we are awakened to get up and exercise. Cayenne lets us know by poking me and crying that it's 4:45 already. The girls go outside to stretch their legs and then come in for breakfast.

5:00 Exercise time begins and the girls wait patiently in their corners for us to be done. Sometimes they think we need a little extra help and end up getting underfoot. Not great when you're
doing Kenpo karate.

7:15 Danny heads out the door and we all settle in for the day. The first thing I do is my Bible study and prayer time - usually with a kitty on my lap.

8:00 Nap times begin for anyone with more than three legs. This will continue off and on throughout a typical day.

9:00 After getting around and ready for the morning, I usually start cleaning. If I put it off until later in the day, I often get distracted by other activities. The puppies will follow me from room to room, more for company than cleaning assistance. (Cayenne continues sleeping.)

10:00 The girls and I head outside to either play in the backyard or go for a walk. Sadie has severe hip dysplasia in both back hips, so she can't keep up with Bailey and me all the time. She'll go until she can't go any more, playing frisbee or chasing sticks, then we'll take a break. (Cayenne keeps on sleeping.)

12:00 Lunchtime for me and snack time for the girls. Cayenne will finally stretch and make her way into the kitchen for a treat of her own. (Yes, she still sits for it - cutest thing ever! Check out the video posted on November 7 to see for yourself.)

12:30 Time for writing and crafting. The girls find their places underneath my chair and settle in for more napping, perhaps recovering from their busy morning.

2:00 For the first time all day, Cayenne will generally begin to stir in the middle of the afternoon. She loves to sit by me in the craft room and watch the birds and squirrels outside. When the girls are out there, she'll keep an eye on them too.

5:00 I am informed by a very loud kitty that it's time for supper. Sometimes I think the girls put her up to it just so they don't get in trouble for barking in the house. The girls have these great raised dishes so they don't have to bend so far - they do a great job of improving their digestion.

5:30 Danny arrives in the driveway and the girls let me know. The rest of the evening is spent eating our dinner, playing on the floor with the girls and catching up on our day.

9:00 The girls will head to their beds in our room and crash for the night. They're like little alarm clocks letting us know when it's time to call it a day.


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