I had a terrible couple of days this past week fighting some kind of head cold. Even this weekend I was still nursing a sore throat and some sneezing. I hated being down and out for so many days with a to-do list a mile long, but there were certain things that had to wait so my body had a chance to recover.

The temperatures have been so up and down over the past few weeks that many people are fighting some kind of cold/flu/virus/etc. Once you've got something in your system, you want some quick and easy ways to get rid of it.

* Stay home. Please don't share your germs with everyone else! I went to church yesterday and felt like I was infecting everyone I came in contact with. Think about each person you might see while you're sick, picture them sick, and then stay home. You might feel like you're backsliding, but you're sparing other's people's health.

* Drink lots of fluids. Water is the best because you need to stay hydrated, then add in fruit juices and broth. You're losing a lot of fluid, especially if you're blowing your nose a lot, so replenish as much as you can.

* Sleep! When you're zonked out your body has the chance to heal itself and recuperate from the bombarding it's receiving. You might feel guilty being so lazy, but you'll recover more quickly and allow your body to heal naturally.

* Sore throat? Gargle as soon as you feel the first twinges with mouthwash or salt water.
You want to get all your passageways cleared out so they don't drain into your throat, making the irritation worse.

* Take a hot shower. What? No, seriously. The steam will clear out your head quicker than any prescription. Use a shower steamer, those little disks that release medicated steam when you place them in the tub with you while you shower. The shower will help open you up and get you on your feet.

* Regulate your body temperature. Staying warm is incredibly important when you're sick. Your immune system fights the intruders better when it's warm, so give them a fighting chance and bundle up as much as possible.

* Stock up when you feel something coming on. Since you're already planning to stay home and keep warm (go back and reread these other steps if you need to), so shop and stock up on whatever you need - meds, heat packs, soup, water. Gather up your extra pillows and blankets and get some great old movies for your couch-laying time. Make sure you're all prepared before you're down and out and have to rely on other people.


  1. Agreed on all points ... except I'll never understand why anyone would feel guilty or backslidden for staying home from church when they're sick. Church is one of the places where these awful germs are spread around. I've never agreed with the mentality of those who seem intent on drawing public attention to their sick selves -- at church or anywhere else -- but the word "martyr" comes to mind. When I'm sick, I stay home because I don't have the strength to get ready, travel, and talk to people. I need my strength to get well!


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