Sunday Sketch

Maybe it's just me, but I love turning our usual crafting techniques on their ear. Or, in this case, on its side. I'll think outside the box ... and off the edge of the card.

Honestly, I had planned to make this a straight-lined card with two background layers and a square of decorator paper on the right side. Then the sentiment could be written in three parts and adhered to the left side, overlapping the square. Unfortunately, my 12-panel piece of paper wouldn't fit top-to-bottom the way I wanted. Instead, I had to turn it a little and let three of the four corners drift off the page. 

And that's how you get a fun design by accident!

In honor of the kids in our community returning to school this week, let's turn today's sketch into a new teacher card! 

Start by choosing a decorator paper for the focal point, then match two colors of card stock with it. These two colors will be the background and mat to build the card on.

Cut the decorator paper in a square larger than the card height and mat it on coordinating card stock, if you'd like. Then attach it with three corners off the sides and cut the corners off even with the edges.

Using word stickers or printed sentiments, cut them into three pieces and mat them on coordinating paper. Attach them on the left side to overlap (or not) the decorator paper.

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