Sunday Sketch

After a week together traveling and celebrating my birthday, Danny and I came back rested and relaxed. It was the first time he had been on a vacation that didn't have a schedule or event to attend, so it was a full week but not stressful in any way.

In tribute to that week of spending time together, I found this beautiful card to use for this week's sketch. 

After covering the card with solid card stock, I cut a piece of decorator paper slightly smaller to make a mat. This card features one of my favorite love verses, This is my beloved, and this is my friend. Song of Solomon 5:16, printed on card stock from my computer.

The two paper flowers are attached with a metal flower brad, and two of the corners are embellished with tiny pink gems. 

Ready to make this card your own? Start with a piece of card stock cut to 6.25x9 inches and fold it in half. Then cover the card with a colored card stock, and cut a piece of coordinating decorator paper slightly smaller to make a mat.

Print out, write or stamp a sentiment and mat it on coordinating card stock. 

Have fun choosing one large embellishment and six small ones to use as a focal point and two corners. They'll fill the card, along with the sentiment, and balance it from left to right.

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