How To Do A Prayer Walk Of Your Workspace

It will be a full week at work starting today, with meetings, writing, photography, and lots of financial calculations. The work our office does impacts the visitors who come into the community and supports our local businesses and organizations. This is incredibly important to me, and I want everything that comes out of our office to be at its best.

With this much responsibility comes the great need for prayer. I can't do anything in my job without the blessings of the Lord. I can't be creative, helpful, interesting, or even efficient unless I'm in close, personal relationship with God.

One of the best ways I've found to do this is to start the day with a prayer walk of my office. From the front door to our reception area to the motivations behind our work, I want to bathe all of it with the presence of the Lord.

If you've never prayer-walked your workspace before, here are 13 places and prayers to include.

1. Your building - Lord, please place a hedge of protection around our building so it will stay in good condition and not be invaded by evil.
2. Your front door - Bring people into our building who need our help, and give us the wisdom and knowledge to help them the best we can.
3. Your office door - Protect us from anyone who would bring anger, resentment, past hurts, or bitterness through our door.
4. Your reception area - Help us to always be kind, gracious, courteous people to anyone who comes into our office.
5. Your furniture - Make us good stewards of all we have been given, from the smallest tool to the largest investment.
6. Your phones - Guard our words when we speak to people, as our tone and word choice may be exactly what someone needs to hear today.
7. Your attitude - Give me a positive outlook for all the work we'll do today because, in that moment, it will be the most important thing in the world to the other person.
8. Your work ethic - Don't let procrastination or laziness take root in our hearts, but help us be efficient and effective in all we do.
9. Your mind - Clear our heads of any confusion and give us clarity of thought to be accurate and concise in our work.
10. Your mission - Let all the work we do follow the mission and goals of our organization and us as individuals, never compromising.
11. Your coworkers - May we always work as a team, headed in the same direction and placing each other above ourselves.
12. Your customers - Help us to always set the needs of our customers as the most important things in our job, lifting and supporting them in their endeavors.
13. Your testimony - As we go about our work week, may we always put You first, Lord, and may others know us by that love for You.


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