My "October" And "It's A Beautiful Day" Planner Layouts

It's suddenly October. Every time I turn my planner to the next month, I feel like the year is flying by. Hopefully I'm not the only one. 

My planner has both monthly and weekly spreads, so I use the monthly for my blog post ideas and the weekly for work and personal schedules. I have several seasonal sticker books, so finding some adorable and spooky images and phrases for October.

My favorite way to decorate the monthly pages is to "random stamp," but with the smaller stickers in my collection. That's how I use up some stickers that I might not normally use for cards or scrapbook pages, while making a super-cute layout to use for a whole month.

For the first full week of October, I started with ripped pieces of washi tape in a beautiful burnt orange. This is by far my favorite technique for washi, especially in a pretty pattern like this.

I chose that color on purpose, too. I had my eyes on this sticker set, full of botanicals and tiny phrases. Each one is layered on a piece of washi tape to create some added dimension.

The set also had inspirational phrases like Conquer from within, Be a kind human, Capture every moment and It's a beautiful day. It's going to be a crazy-busy week, so seeing these lovely, soothing phrases and images will definitely do my heart good. What will you put in your planner this week to inspire you?


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