4 Ways To Thank And Praise God Today

As we enter the season of thanks and giving, it seems natural to thank God and praise Him for His many blessings. How many times will we be asked to name five things we're thankful for in the next few weeks? We can easily turn the exercise into something trivial instead of using it to tune our hearts to sing God's praise.

So here are four ways you can thank and praise the Lord today as part of your everyday life. What ways would you add?

1. Make this a prayer-filled day. Slow down and notice the small things God gives us on a moment-by-moment basis. The small stuff isn't necessarily high on our radar, but our focused, ongoing prayer time reminds of us what's truly important.

2. Send a thank you note. When we show appreciation for someone who has blessed us, we're also blessing the Lord. When we reach out to those who do the little things - taking the time to put our thoughts and feelings in writing, we're passing on the heart of God in that envelope.

3. Bless someone the way God has blessed us. If the Spirit has moved in a friend's heart and she prayed for you, return the blessings. If a family member filled a need, do the same for them. When our hearts delight in serving others, we're sharing God's desire to bless those around us.

4. Share His goodness with everyone. Psalm 35:18 says I will give thee thanks in the great congregation: I will praise thee among much people. Take the time and opportunity today to share your testimony, tell others about God's showers of blessings and how He has made your life the way it is. The best way you can thank and praise God is to give other people reasons to thank and praise Him, too!


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