My "November" And "Peace Of God" Planner Layouts

Every time I create a monthly spread for my planner, I marvel at how quickly the month before went by. Well ... it's happened again! Somehow we've sprinted through October and found ourselves in November, the month of thanks and giving.

I love monthly layouts because I can use the tiny stickers from my sets to splash all over the page. I might not use them on cards and journals, but they have the perfect home in all these little squares.

In every other area of my life, I'm not a big fan of random, but here in my planner I'm totally happy with throwing some little words and images around and seeing where they land. 

This week is going to be filled with writing, meetings and planning several upcoming work events. I feel the need to tell you these pages were filled with notes almost immediately after the picture was taken.

I didn't know when I laid these pages out that I would need these words and phrases this week, so I'm smiling about how God works. First and foremost, He knew that I would need His peace ruling in my heart because I'm trying to keep so many plates spinning. Now I have a verse to meditate on over the next seven days, and there are spaces to write some reminders and how I'm seeing God's hand move.

Finding joy as I journey is going to keep me grounded and focused, and I'll keep a few special matters of prayer will be right there at the top of the page where I'll see them. It's a great week to have a great week - let's all stay focused on God's word and look forward to His blessings in return!


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