My "Start With A Grateful Heart" Planner Layout

It's been more than two weeks since I was here on my blog, but it feels like a year and a half. My planner hasn't look this blank and new and open in forever. It's actually kind of strange to see it like this! That's what happens when you're a busy woman, juggling all those parts of life by the grace of God.

So this week's planner spread touches my heart in a very special way. The very first phrase sticker I chose was "Start with a grateful heart." I've been actively keeping track of everything I'm grateful for right now, which is so important when you've got a full schedule. The very last thing I want to do is become overwhelmed and frustrated because my priorities are out of whack.

The whole week is full of truths about God, His word, our persistence and working as unto the Lord. I started penciling in all of this week's appointments and meetings, and it's going to be a busy seven days. That's why having a planner full of Scripture and reminders of our Lord's goodness is so vitally important. What verses will you write down this week?


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