Yes, I’ll Take A Nap, Too, Thank You Very Much

The babies got their world rocked when we had new furniture delivered. Suddenly we were telling them they couldn’t get up on the couch or lean on the couch or touch the couch or look at the couch in a weird way. So they started napping on the floor - strange concept, I know.

With their favorite blankets on the floor, we thought they would have a safe, comfy place to hang out. They still resent having the chairs in front of the furniture to keep them off it, though. We’ll slowly move the chairs and replace them with smaller obstacles until they understand they can’t get up there, even if it’s empty. But for now, the chairs are the enemy!

They break my heart, though, whining and asking for cuddles like they’ve had for their entire lives. These four are very resistant to change anyway, but this is a little more difficult. 

And for Diesel, that means finding a napping spot wherever he can, as long as he can see me at any given moment. Yes, I’d love to nap with you … thank you for asking!


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