Planner Perfection Is Totally Not A Thing

If you look back a few weeks and look at my planner layout for the month of August, it will look very similar to this picture today. I have very few August pages completed, and even some of those didn’t get written on. I had grand planner plans, but many of them didn’t come to fruition.

Am I bummed? A little. Am I discouraged? Perhaps. But mostly I’m giving myself a little grace.

There were two weeks in mid-August when I was so wrapped up in Babe Ruth planning that I didn’t stop long enough to write anything down. I was busy making banquet centerpieces, making sure our guests of honor were taken care of and counting and recounting banquet tickets so everyone who wanted to be there could be there.

In all that hustle, which I thoroughly love, it wasn’t practical to write everything down. I was more concerned with accomplishing the things, not making a list of the things I was already doing.

Planning doesn’t have to mean hours of writing, lists of your lists or filling the page by the end of the day. It means doing whatever is necessary in that moment to accomplish your goals. The designs and the pretty papers and the sparkling stickers mean absolutely nothing if your pages are impractical and just busy.

So September is starting a little more low-key this week. Yes, I’ve planned ahead to plan my planner for the month. And yes, planing to plan is an ok thing, as long as the planning doesn’t take precedence to the things that really matter.

What are you planning to plan in the coming month?


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