A New Planner Desk For A New Month

I was finally at the stage in my craft room clean up that I could set up my planner desk this weekend! My planner supplies have been traveling from the dining room table to the computer desk to a folding table behind the sofa for months, and it was getting very old very quickly. So having one entire table next to the window overlooking the pond was an invitation to myself that I couldn’t resist.

As I’m putting together my planner for the month, I have a few necessities close at hand: card stock and decorator paper in stacking trays next to the table, a basket full of washi tape, my Planner 52 binder and plenty of tape and scissors with arm’s reach.

There are two of my favorite Thirty-One bags, one for planner sticker books and one for tools and punches. The printer is set up close by so I can print planner pages as I need them, and I have preprinted planner pages and notepaper for monthly, weekly and daily spreads. Having everything with reach and not having to move it from place to place, wherever there is room, is such a blessing. And that view doesn’t hurt, either!


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