Sunday Sketch

I had a special order this week that was a little more detailed than usual. These two cards are for a friend’s war room, where she can see them and pray the truth of these verses every day. I love being a part of something this special and this powerful.

The difficulty in creating them, though, is there is a lot of text and she wanted a certain layout for both of them. It would have looked cluttered with printed-out words individually attached to the paper, so it was much easier to design them on the computer and print them out. Hopefully that’s not cheating because they turned out beautifully.

I used Canva for the layouts, a design program that I hope you’ve checked out from previous posts. They’re my go-to at work when I’m creating social media, it’s super easy and the results are gorgeous. Give them a try for the layouts I used for today’s post or use the program you’re most comfortable with.

When I print a layout, like the two cards above, I always mat them on at least two colors of card stock to make them look more finished and add a handmade touch. I also like flat embellishments like these acrylic dots so they don’t get snagged or pulled off.

Want more inspiration? Head over to our Etsy shop, where you’ll find more handmade cards, journals and wood gifts. It’s the perfect time to stock up on cards for the Christmas season, and Stuff From Trees has everything you need to complete your Christmas gift-buying list. We look forward to seeing you in the shop soon.


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