Creating A Perfect Grazing Platter

One of my favorite parts of Danny’s birthday party three weeks ago was putting together my very first grazing platters. (You know, after celebrating half a century of my husband’s life, which was so amazing.) The platters were a huge hit, and we were able to share them at church the next day, too!

The savory platter featured three bowls of fruit, which was the perfect way to serve them. The juice all stayed in one place instead of leaking all over the other food. From there, I piled on deli meat and cheese, cut into bite-sized portions, and crackers to pair them with. There were several kinds of chips and munchies, and a bowl of nuts separated in case there was anyone with a nut allergy. My favorite nut mixes come from the dollar store, so I combined two different kinds in the center bowl.

On the other end of the table, close to where I was standing for obvious reasons, was the sweet platter. It was piled high with a variety of cookies and candies, including Danny’s favorite Pinwheels. A mix of sweet and not-so-sweet meant everybody could find something they liked. It was easy to keep sticky treats in one place and smaller candies in a bowl so they didn’t end up in a big, gooey mess.

If you’ve never made a grazing platter before, I highly recommend it! It can be something simple like appetizers for the kids or a fancy spread for an up-scale dinner. Create fun combinations with each type of food, arrange them in beautiful rows or patterns and include several tongs and spoons to serve them up. Beyond that, there’s no limit to the ways you can present food on a grazing platter!


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