Let It Snow Winter Wreath

The weather outside is frightful, but it's absolutely delightful to have a winter-themed wreath inside!

This mesh wreath is so perfect for a snowy day, and all the sparkle is just fun. 

I've had this snowy blue mesh for a couple of years now. I originally picked it up on after-Christmas clearance so I could use it for bulletin boards. It makes a great snowy backdrop. So I bought all 10 rolls of it, you know ... just in case. The wreath form is from the dollar store, so that was pretty great, too.

I started by cutting the mesh in half lengthwise. I didn't want the wreath to be overly thick, and this makes for twice the length without buying twice the mesh.

A small disclaimer - I have never made a wreath like this before, but I knew what I wanted it to look like. I created a technique that made that happen. So here's what I did: I tied one end of the mesh to the frame at one of the cross bars. Starting at one side, I pulled the entire length of mesh through the first opening, then made a loop. I held that loop with one hand while threading the mesh back through the next opening on the wreath form. On the far side, I looped the mesh around the form to create the next loop and turn back the other way. This created three loops.

To come back the other way, I held the first loops in place with my left hand and threaded the mesh with my right. By looping around the outside, the loops are now staggered across the second row. Then it was just a matter of weaving, pulling the loops close and weaving some more.

As one length of mesh was almost used up, I tied on the next one, keeping the knot at the back of the wreath. Later all these could be tied tight and trimmed. Then the pattern of looping continued. 

And continued. And continued.

It took a while, but the end result is absolutely gorgeous!

For the sparkling decoration, I used glittered Christmas ornaments. I removed the strings and attached the snowflakes with giant glue dots. Several companies make strong-adhesive dots about the size of a dime, which was just what this project needed.

And here's the finished product! I am absolutely in love with it, and it's the perfect way to bring a little of that winter magic indoors.


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