Stamped Thanksgiving Wreath Card

If you're going to send thanksgiving and fall cards this year, now is the time to get them put together. Otherwise it will be spring and you'll still be stamping leaves and looking for green and brown paper. Don't put it off - make a beautiful autumn card!

Start by stamping leaves on a variety of colors and textures of paper. You may not use them all on this card, but you'll have them when you're ready to make more. When the ink is dry, fussy-cut them as detailed as you'd like.

Wrap a length of twine around your hand four or five times and tie off the ends. A few well-placed glue dots will hold it all together.

Create your card's layout and use glue dots to attach the twine wreath to the card.

Use more glue dots to arrange your leaves and easily hold them in place. (Trust me - don't bother with tape or glue. Go straight for the dots.)

This type of card, one with several dimensional elements, is best for tucking in a box, in a padded envelope or hand-delivering. 


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