A Weekend Of Taste Sensations

Our Sadie dog is 14 years old now, and some days she really feels her age. She has had hip dysplasia all her life, so it's difficult for her to get up and down steps now. Her eye sight isn't what it used to, and you really have to speak loudly and right at her before she'll hear you.

There are two things that haven't diminished - her senses of smell and taste. Sadie knows the minute popcorn starts popping in the microwave, and she'll be beside you in a heartbeat if you brown meat of any kind on the stove. She'll almost always eat a full bowl of dog food, even though she'd much prefer whatever it is that you're eating.

O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. Psalm 34:8

Make this a weekend of getting a taste of the blessings of the Lord. If you don't already, start a gratitude journal and keep track for two whole days of everything good God does for you. It's easy to play down His influence in your life until you see in black and white what He's blessed you with in just one weekend.

Taste and see the sweetness of the Lord's grace and mercy every single day. You'll find delight in it all, especially when you're actively looking for those blessings. Then share your love and gratitude in return.


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