Snickers Gift Tag

I'm in the middle of preparing for my final large craft show of the year, a Santa's Workshop the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I created these fun little candy bar gift packages to take to the show. They're a little time consuming on your first attempt, but they go quickly when you're ready to make more.

My candy bar is 1.5 inches wide and 4.75 inches long, so these are the measurements I will use for this tutorial. You can adjust accordingly for your candy of choice. Start by cutting a 12x12 inch piece of heavy card stock into a 2-inch strip. 

Then fold up an inch from the bottom, and then fold up a second inch and crease them both. This will be the base for your candy wrapper.

Make pencil marks 3 inches up from the second crease on both sides of the card stock.

Cut in 1 inch from that mark and all the way to the top of the card stock. This creates flaps that will be the sides.

Fold the sides up and crease them.

Cut the outside inch of each side on those crease marks and crease again.

Flip the whole piece over and cover the four 1-inch squares only with adhesive.

When you fold the bottom up and in, press the taped pieces firmly to create the bottom of your box.

When you put the candy bar in, it should have some room on either side.

Trim the remaining length of card stock down to 5.75 inches from the bottom of the holder.

Cut off the corners and punch a hole for ribbon.

Now that you're done with the card stock, you'll want to choose a thick paper for the front of your wrapper. For mine, the sides are 1 inch wide and the front is 2 inches wide. Crease them tightly so they'll match the front of the box.

Adhere the sides and the bottom of the front panel but not the top, as there will be no card stock behind it.

 Tie on your ribbon, some for decoration and some for attaching to a package or to use as an ornament on the tree.

This gives you a finished candy gift tag perfect for the holiday season!


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